Tag: Yellow

  • Starry Wind

    Starry Wind

    Starry Wind (USPP#17491) Star-kissed red blooms draw you in with a swirl of yellow that radiate from the center of each petal. Flower size is 4.5 to 5-inches.

  • Sunny Wind

    Sunny Wind

    Sunny Wind (USPP# 17623) Sunny Wind is one of our most popular Tradewinds varieties because of its sunshine yellow 6 to 6.5″ flowers with a mesmerizing red throat.

  • Lilikoi Yellow

    Lilikoi Yellow

    Lilikoi Yellow (USPP# 20424) Exotic like the fruit that inspired its name, Lilikoi Yellow is a beautiful, bold addition to the Tradewinds® Hibiscus family. You’ll be mesmerized by its bright yellow blooms with a white outlined red throat.

  • Island Wind

    Island Wind

    Island Wind Island Wind is bright yellow with a vibrant red throat and ruffled edge.