Tag: Orange

  • Orange Sunset Wind

    Orange Sunset Wind

    Orange Sunset Wind USPP Orange Sunset Wind is a favorite of ours because of its unmistakable true orange hue. The 4.5 to 6-inch iridescent blooms have a beautiful yellow halo in the center. The color is rich, like the last burst of sunlight at day’s end.

  • Mandarin Wind

    Mandarin Wind

    Mandarin Wind (USPP# 24981) Mandarin Wind is big. By big, we mean large! And by large, we are talking 6 to 6.75-inch blooms. Its blooms are orange with a red-banded throat and ruffled edges. For a WOW factor, add Mandarin Wind to decorative pots, patios or tropical gardens.

  • Tangerine Paradise Wind

    Tangerine Paradise Wind

    Tangerine Paradise Wind NEW for 2022! Tangerine Paradise Wind is a stunning new tri-colored variety: orange flowers have a lighter colored margin, dark center, and pinkish halo around the center. This variety has an upright to semi-spreading plant habit and dense, medium-green, glossy foliage. Flower size ranges from 5.5 – 5.75”.

  • Orange Lava Wind

    Orange Lava Wind

    Orange Lava Wind NEW for 2022! Orange Lava Wind is a very strong plant with a uniformly mounded and dense plant habit with medium-green, glossy foliage. Flowers are 5.25 – 5.75” of intense orange with a dark red center and red halo around the center. Slight red veins protrude from the center of the flowers.